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So this is good for social media because of the limited number of characters:
See Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Great site have already recommended it to friends and family! 5 stars from me (This comment has 282 characters, 46 words, 236 no spaces, 1 paragraph - I managed to copy the whole thing over again in case anyone is wondering. You just have to have brains ;-))


I love the character counter.


Keep it simple, no ads, good for school


An indispensable tool for the daily work in our agency. Many thanks to the developers and programmers.

Happy user

Very simple and very useful especially for respecting the character limit for Instagram posts!


Nice idea :D A delete button would be really helpful :D


The character counter has long made it into my list of favorites.. and at work it is used almost every day. Excellent!


Good for storytelling. You know immediately how many words you have written. Practical!


Very good, but you could still make a function that counts [without characters].

Gustav Gans

The site does what it is supposed to. The design could be nicer, but it's okay. Keep it up!

(Video) Word count and character count in Microsoft Word


I'm doing my high school diploma this year. Whether my comment in German or my essay in English, I always have to pay attention to the number of words. Since this is unfortunately only possible with difficulty or not at all on my I Pad, this page is highly recommended and really helped me.


Keep it simple, does what it's supposed to. Great for scoring and developing to count characters ;-)


If word doesn't feel like counting the words again, the tool is very good. Especially when you have to know how much I still have to write about the water supply in the 17th century before I have the 1500 words


Is everybody a bot?

site fence construction

I find it so practical and easy. I got the right result quickly and easily. It helps me with a lot of things or when I'm writing long texts or writing for a German clause and I have to count the words, it's just much, much quicker. I only recommend it.

flip flop

I've used it so many times and it's really awesome! I have to write a report for school at the moment and you guys are really helping me! It really motivates me to see the number of characters increase. I need 1,000,000 and I'm already at 50,000. At least something.
A very big thank you!




An additional tool would be interesting, with which you can only write a certain number of characters per line, for planning tweets, etc.


I love how simple, beautiful and functional this site is. I need them for work in the backend. Perfect!


The site isn't rocket science, but it's just perfect because of its simplicity and super easy use. Thanks!

(Video) Character count in Word (and word count) in 1 MINUTE (HD 2020)


Why can't all tools be as simple and ingenious as this.

George Stramm

Very wild tool! Use this to use my lazy students' exams. You can be lazy sometimes!

Eugenia Dietrich

Thank you for being there ♡♡♡


I hate you :)



What would be a cool addition if you could enter a maximum length. Everything that goes beyond this maximum number of characters could then turn red! Otherwise a great and simple as well as useful tool!


That was from 2018 would be very cool as Franz says!
Can you please add it


I'm trying to crash the site :)

Luis Hamza

Updating the results without having to click a button makes using the tool very convenient


It's nice that the tool is kept so simple, it just does what it's supposed to. Started writing a book out of boredom and the tool is proving useful. Even if the algorithm behind it is very simple, the simple design of the site doesn't convince me to quickly write a tool myself.


The "character counter" has been helping me for years. I use it for the headlines and the description of the homepage. Many thanks and best regards to the developers.


(Video) Word Counter: FREE Word & Character Count Tool (No Limits!)

I like to use it for programming to see if the length of the character string is correct.


Andre, all you crash is your own browser. Nothing happens in the backend.

Oliver Mahrle

The tool: "character counter" is a very good tool for daily work.


I just copy a few million characters to crash the page :)

Hot Port Life & Style

Even though I've been using for a long time, I'm still glad to have found this tool. Huge thanks to the developers for this simple way of checking if my blog posts even just fit the criteria :)

Thanks very much

Franny von Hot Port Life & Style


Very good site. Such a program is always useful, be it for school activities or other things. My son often uses this program for his presentations and essays that he has for homework, just great!


Very good site. Such a program is always useful, be it for school activities or other things. My son often uses this program for his presentations and essays that he has for homework, just great!


I love this tool and use it often to quickly and easily count the characters of my project work. However, I'm still missing a function to count the pages. According to Wikipedia, a standard page is between 1500 characters with and 1000 characters without spaces. It would be great if that could still be implemented


Great tool to count words and characters. Use it a lot in class to count my words and characters.


Very good, useful tool! It would be helpful if you could add emojis. They cause different numbers of characters on different platforms (e.g. 2 or 3 on Insta), but it would be a clue.


(Video) Free Word Count & Character Count tool (no limits!)

Such a program would really not be bad for some tasks - but it would have to be ensured that the content is really not forwarded - otherwise you have a great keylogger.


Totally functional and I use it almost every day!
This tool is just great. Simple and fast. No ads, clear, great! There should be more sites like this.


Hi everyone, I've been using this character counter for my work for a long time. A helpful tool would be "without HTML". We often use HTML in listings from a certain online store, but they have a character limit. HTML tags don't count, so it's difficult to get HTML text to fall under the limit despite HTML tags. Thanks!

No Name Pro

Very well coded and performant. Since the characters are checked via JavaScript (browser itself), you can simply look at the source code.

Better yet, upload to a platform such as GitHub to gain trust from other developers.


@Mourice: Well, we all pay with our data.

Every entry in the field is saved and evaluated. See privacy policy on this page.

Gaj (tozen)

Hi, input into the character counter itself is not saved. The calculation is done directly inyoursBrowser and not on the server side. Entries in the comment form (feedback) are stored on the server side in a database. There is no other way, otherwise we could switch off the comment function completely.


The best tool for SEO optimization! Advertisement descriptions for webpages can only contain 145 characters and titles only 65.
I used to count by hand after each phrase.


I am very thankful for this tool. During my studies, I often have to write exercise reports that should not exceed a certain number of characters.


Really great tool! I use it a lot at work to find out how many characters I can type in a field. Saves a lot of effort and time :-)


Extremely useful tool! Would even find advertising justified here, since something like this actually deserves recognition. I've been using this site myself for a while and it makes my everyday life a little easier, since you would often be stuck in certain areas without such a tool.

Joe OfCourseNotHisName

Thank you for this very useful tool. Also wanted to show my support and specially whitelisted the page on Ghostly for the purpose of advertising... and then there isn't even any advertising :-O #ehrenmann

(Video) Word Counter Character Counter Paragraph counter Text Counter Count Words and Characters

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How do I count characters and words in word? ›

You can get a character count in a Word document by selecting the "Review" tab and clicking "Word Count." You can find both the number of characters with spaces and the character count not including spaces.

What is the website that helps with word count? ›

WordCounter will help to make sure its word count reaches a specific requirement or stays within a certain limit. In addition, WordCounter shows you the top 10 keywords and keyword density of the article you're writing. This allows you to know which keywords you use how often and at what percentages.

What is the TikTok word count? ›

Get to the point: Even though, you may feel the 2,200 TikTok character limit allows you to say a lot, don't overdo it.

How many words is 150 character count? ›

Answer: 150 characters is between 21 words and 38 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 150 characters is between 25 words and 50 words.

Is there a quick way to count characters in word? ›

Tip: Find the number of characters, paragraphs, and lines by clicking on the word count in the status bar.

Is there an easy way to count characters in word? ›

When you need to check the character count in Microsoft Word, you can do so in the same way you check the word count.
  1. Open the document in Word that you want to count the characters in.
  2. Click the "Review" tab.
  3. Click "Word Count" in the Proofing section. ...
  4. Click "Close" to close the Word Count window.

Is there a free software to count words? ›

QuillBot's Word Counter is a free, easy-to-use tool for tracking word and character counts in your writing. Our online word count tool displays data for both words and characters at the same time and allows you to easily toggle on/off whether you'd like spaces to be counted as characters.

Does Google word have word count? ›

Word count is only available for Google Docs. Unless you select a section of the document, word count applies to everything except headers, footers, and footnotes.

Is there an app that tracks word count? ›

So how can you track your word count data? As far as apps go, I recommend Wordly for iOS and Writer Tools for Android. Both let you track your word count by day and the time you spend writing—they generate graphs and charts of your daily and hourly averages.

How many characters is 500 words? ›

Just to keep in mind, the average one spaced page usually contains about 3000 characters or 500 words.

How to do a character count? ›

To use the function, enter =LEN(cell) in the formula bar, then press Enter on your keyboard. Multiple cells: To apply the same formula to multiple cells, enter the formula in the first cell and then drag the fill handle down (or across) the range of cells.

Which platform has a character limit? ›

1. Facebook

Facebook offers enough character limits to write a short story in the post! However, a concise and to-the-point post can help you get better engagement. The same applies to a video post or Facebook ads wherein you need a headline, ad text, and link description.

How long is 500 characters? ›

Answer: 500 characters is between 71 words and 125 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 500 characters is between 83 words and 167 words.

How many pages is 700000 words? ›

A 700,000 word count will create about 1400 pages with single spacing or 2800 pages double-spaced when using normal 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Arial font, and a standard A4 (letter size) page size.

How long is 500 words? ›

Answer: 500 words is 1 page single spaced or 2 pages double spaced.

How do I count characters in notepad? ›

Select the text you want to check and navigate to TextFx > TextFx Tools > Word Count. Then the selected Notepad++ character count will be shown in the TextFX window.

How many words is 3,000 characters? ›

430-750 WORDS

How many words is 1500 characters? ›

210-380 WORDS

How many words is a character count? ›

On average, text contains between 5 and 6.5 characters per word including spaces and punctuation. For example, The Great Gatsby averages 5.44 characters per word. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone averages 5.55 characters per word. A typical New York Times article averages 6.05 characters per word.

How many words is 44 characters? ›

Answer: 44 characters is between 6 words and 11 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 44 characters is between 7 words and 15 words.

Is character count the same as word count? ›

Character Count vs. Word Count. Some people confuse these two with each other, but they are not the same. Unlike word counters who only count words, character counters are every alphabet, punctuation, numbers, and event spaces.

Can you count characters in Google Docs? ›

After opening the google document in the app select the More or 3 dots sign in the upper right corner of the document. Select the Word count option. The total number of words and characters in the document will be shown on your screen.

Do Google Docs and word count words differently? ›

That is because different writing platforms have different ways of calculating the word count of a file. For instance, Google Docs and Microsoft Office will give you two different word counts—even though the text being processed is the same! Thus, they are not entirely reliable.

Is there a limit to Google Docs word count? ›

When it comes to Google Docs. Your document can have only 1.02 million characters. If it's another text file that you convert to Google Docs, it can only be 50 MB in size.

How much is Google word? ›

Google Docs has all the features of Microsoft Word but costs nothing. Available to anyone with a Google account, Google Docs allows you to access your document from any device without having to carry around a flash drive.

How do you run a word count? ›

Click the Word Count button in the Proofing group. You can also click the word count in the status bar to open the Word Count dialog box. Here you can see not only the word count, but also a character count (both with and without spaces), a paragraph count, and a line count. Click Close when you're done.

How do you do word count on Google Sheets? ›

While it can get complex to attempt to count words in an entire spreadsheet, counting words in a single cell is relatively straightforward:
  1. Select a cell to calculate the wordcount in and type the following formula: “=COUNTA(SPLIT(A2, ” “))”, then hit enter.
  2. In this formula, A2 is the cell you want to count the words in.

How many words are 15.000 characters? ›

Answer: 15,000 characters is between 2142 words and 3750 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 15,000 characters is between 2500 words and 5000 words.

How many words is 1 page? ›

While a general guideline is one page is 500 words (single spaced) or 250 words (double spaced), this is a ballpark figure. The truth is the number of words per page depends on a variety of factors such as the type of font, the font size, spacing elements, margin spacing, and paragraph length to name a few.

How long is 1,000 words? ›

Generally, a word count of 1000 words will result in around 3-4 pages when using a standard 12-point font and double-spaced.

What is the command for character count? ›

Use the wc command to display a count of the lines, words, and characters in a file. The wc command reads one or more input files and, by default, writes the number of newline characters, words, and bytes contained in each input file to the standard output.

What is the shortcut to see character count? ›

To open the Word Count dialog box, select the word count in the status bar or press Ctrl + Shift + G on your keyboard. The Word Count dialog box shows the number of pages, words, characters with and without spaces, paragraphs, and lines in your document.

What is a good character count? ›

Finding the right character count

Because of this, research into successful LinkedIn posts found that posts between 1900 and 2,000 words perform the best. On the other hand, most other social channels get better results from a short and sweet character count.

How many words is 50 characters? ›

Answer: 50 characters is between 7 words and 13 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 50 characters is between 8 words and 17 words.

How many words is a 7 minute read? ›

And in terms of word count, a 7-minute read comes in around 1,600 words.

Does Windows 10 have a character limit? ›

Microsoft Windows has a MAX_PATH limit of ~256 characters. If the length of the path and filename combined exceed ~256 characters you will be able to see the path/files via Windows/File Explorer, but may not be able to delete/move/rename these paths/files.

What are characters in typing? ›

Examples of characters include letters, numerical digits, common punctuation marks (such as "." or "-"), and whitespace. The concept also includes control characters, which do not correspond to visible symbols but rather to instructions to format or process the text.

How many words is 100 characters? ›

Answer: 100 characters is between 14 words and 25 words with spaces included in the character count. If spaces are not included in the character count, then 100 characters is between 16 words and 34 words.

Are characters words or letters? ›

A character is a letter, number, or other symbol that is written or printed.

How many pages is 1,000,000 words in a book? ›

1,000,000 words is 2000 pages single-spaced or 4000 pages double-spaced. Typical documents that are 1,000,000 words or more include full-length novels.

How many pages is 1 million characters? ›

Visualizing one million

Information: Not counting spaces, the text printed on 136 pages of an Encyclopædia Britannica, or 600 pages of pulp paperback fiction contains approximately one million characters.

How many words is 1,000,000 characters? ›

Pro: 1,000,000 characters per month (approximately 200,000 words or 20.8 hours of audio*).

Can you say 500 words in 3 minutes? ›

On average there are 450 words in a 3 minute speech. This is based on the average speech rate of 250 words per minute. At the 3 minute mark, even a novice speaker could keep going at the rate they started – with some practice.

How long is 300 word essay? ›

A 300 words essay will be 0.6 pages single-spaced or 1.2 pages double-spaced. A standard single-spaced page contains 500 words.

Can you say 500 words in 2 minutes? ›

Own your presence. Speech and publication coach Daphne Gray-Grant found that, on average, people speak at a rate of 125 to 150 wpm so a 2 minutes long speech uses between 250 to 300 words.

What is the formula to count text characters? ›

To use the function, enter =LEN(cell) in the formula bar, then press Enter on your keyboard. Multiple cells: To apply the same formula to multiple cells, enter the formula in the first cell and then drag the fill handle down (or across) the range of cells.

How do you count words lines and characters in a file? ›

Logic to count characters, words and lines in a file
  1. Open source file in r (read) mode.
  2. Initialize three variables characters = 0 , words = 0 and lines = 0 to store counts.
  3. Read a character from file and store it to some variable say ch .
  4. Increment characters count. ...
  5. Repeat step 3-4 till file has reached end.
Feb 4, 2018

What is the command to count lines words and characters in a file? ›

Use the wc command to count the number of lines, words, and bytes in the files specified by the File parameter.

How do I count words in a word document? ›

In Microsoft Word the number of words in your document is displayed on the status bar at the bottom left of the workspace. To include text in footnotes, endnotes and text boxes in the word count: From the Review tab, in the Proofing group, click Word Count.

How do you count specific characters? ›

str.count(a) is the best solution to count a single character in a string. But if you need to count more characters you would have to read the whole string as many times as characters you want to count. So you'll have a dict that returns the number of occurrences of every letter in the string and 0 if it isn't present.

Can you use Countif with letters? ›

All you have to do is to supply the target text string in the criteria argument. Note. The Excel COUNTIF function is case-insensitive, meaning it does not differentiate letter case. To treat uppercase and lowercase characters differently, use this case-sensitive formula.

Can I do a word count in Excel? ›

The formula to count words of a particular range is “=LEN(TRIM(cell))-LEN(SUBSTITUTE(cell,” “,””))+1.” The word count formula is combined with the SUM or SUMPRODUCT function to handle arrays. The SUBSTITUTE function replaces all the spaces of the cell with a vacant content string (“).

How do I count the number of characters in a FIle name? ›

Count the Number of Characters in a Full FIle Path?
  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. cd to the directory in question (for example c:\CruiseControl\ProjectArtifacts\ProjectName)
  3. type the following command dir /s /b > output. ...
  4. Open the resulting output.
Nov 8, 2012

What command is used to count total number of lines words and characters contained in a FIle Linux Mcq? ›

Answer - A) wc is used to count the total number of lines, words, and characters contained in a file.

How to count the number of characters lines and paragraphs in a document? ›

Click on the word count in the status bar to see the number of characters, lines, and paragraphs in your document. Click in your document where you want the word count to appear. Click Insert > Quick Parts > Field.

Which command is used to get a count of the total number? ›

Use the COUNT function to get the number of entries in a number field that is in a range or array of numbers.

Which of the following command is used to count the total number of lines words? ›

To count the lines, words, and bytes in the files supplied by the File option, use the wc command.

How do you count the number of words in a paragraph? ›

Click the Word Count button in the Proofing group. You can also click the word count in the status bar to open the Word Count dialog box. Here you can see not only the word count, but also a character count (both with and without spaces), a paragraph count, and a line count. Click Close when you're done.


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